Tuesday, November 6, 2007

How to get 100 stumbleupon friends every 24 hours

I hope you are familiar about the Web2.0 site Stumbleupon. This is a very useful site for everyone. We can huge get huge targeted traffic from it. You need to download their toolbar and stumble your website. Then it will be shown to other stumbleupon users. If they like your site then they will also stumble it. More stumbles means more traffic.

I used to get quality and long term traffic from stumbleupon. Another excellent concept in stumbleupon is friends and community. You can become a friend anyone using "Add as a friend " option. Others can do the same for your profile if they like you.

If you have more fans then there are more chances of getting traffic from stumbleupon. I recently came across a free site with which you will get more than 100+ fans and friends daily. This is not spam or some blackhat method. This is a legal method and is hugely successful.

Just click the link below and enter your stumble user name in that site then you will be getting more fans daily. It's more like a traffic exchange concept and you will understand it when you ar there.

This is my stumbleupon profile http://rajanmr.stumbleupon.com/
My profile has a pr-2

Get More stumbleupon fans and friends - click this link

Just follow the above link to get more stumbleupon friends and become a power stumbler.


steven wilson said...

this site always says the username is wrong.

Zybron said...

Yeah, I get the same thing when I try it, too.

Najlaa said...

Yup. Same problem.

article-submit said...

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Giver of News said...

Site saying incorrect username too

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lazysurfer said...

Here is my profile http://lazysurfer.stumbleupon.com/
add me as a friend and I'll add you.

Anonymous said...

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