Tuesday, November 6, 2007

How to get 100 stumbleupon friends every 24 hours

I hope you are familiar about the Web2.0 site Stumbleupon. This is a very useful site for everyone. We can huge get huge targeted traffic from it. You need to download their toolbar and stumble your website. Then it will be shown to other stumbleupon users. If they like your site then they will also stumble it. More stumbles means more traffic.

I used to get quality and long term traffic from stumbleupon. Another excellent concept in stumbleupon is friends and community. You can become a friend anyone using "Add as a friend " option. Others can do the same for your profile if they like you.

If you have more fans then there are more chances of getting traffic from stumbleupon. I recently came across a free site with which you will get more than 100+ fans and friends daily. This is not spam or some blackhat method. This is a legal method and is hugely successful.

Just click the link below and enter your stumble user name in that site then you will be getting more fans daily. It's more like a traffic exchange concept and you will understand it when you ar there.

This is my stumbleupon profile http://rajanmr.stumbleupon.com/
My profile has a pr-2

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Just follow the above link to get more stumbleupon friends and become a power stumbler.

Friday, October 5, 2007

How to get Customers instead of visitors

There are people who trying hard to get visitors to their site by many means. There are some other set of people who are trying to get Unique visitors to their site.

While there are some other intelligent people out there who are trying to get targeted visitors to their sites.

There are another set of people who are trying hard to get Highly Targeted Visitors for free in a consistent manner to their site.

But actually there are only a few people who are highly successful in getting Highly targeted visitors for free.

I recently stumbled upon a place where they talk about something called 100% converting visitors[means Customers] to their site instead of just targeted traffic which may convert. This had made me think a lot. Why should I do SEO, build back links, promote my sites and spend 100s of dollars for my site?

Mainly when there are people ready to bring direct customers to my sites who are willing to buy my products. Not only me but most of them would prefer this customers than targeted traffic.
The concept is highly innovative and relatively unheard of till now.

If you need customers instead of traffic, click here

Other things I would like to mention here is the least possible price they offer us and the Conversion is just a miracle. As per my calculation, consider that you are selling a 10$ product and buy 100 visitors, have it from me that you can make a minimum of 60+ sales and that is the conversion ratio that you can expect from it.

I would write more about it in the upcoming days and if possible I would write a ebook in it.

For now just have a try using the link below

Get just Converting Traffic for your rates

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Using Feedburner to get increase Your blog readers

This is an excellent ebook which describes all the steps necessary to get targeted traffic from Feed Burner. I hope you are aware of Google buying Feedburner recently, and Google does not buy not buy ordinary sites.

This site has some great potential and this ebook describes all the methods to gain targeted traffic using feedburner. This method works only in blogs and for other sites which has rss feeds.

This is a free e-book and you can also give it away for free to your friends and visitors.

Download Traffic from Feedburner Now

Monday, October 1, 2007

How to Instantly drive a flood of targeted readers to your blog -Re-Brandable

This is a small ebook not written by me. This is an excellent way to get targeted and viral traffic for your blog absolutely free.

This technique will get you 100's and even 1000's of readers for your blog, if you update it frequently.

*** Note:

This technique cannot be used for any other websites other than blogs. This trick will work only if your blog is updated frequently atleast twice a week.

This trick will not work, if you don't post regularly.

This is re-brandable copy and comes with a software with which you can brand this as your own copy and resell it or give it away as a free copy and it brings excellent viral traffic to your blog and builds a very good downline in no time.

Rights : Re-brandable

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Hello Webmasters - A blog for your free tools

I will be offering free ebooks, free reports, free softwares and tools required for webmasters and SEO purposes in this blog. All of them will be free and there is no need to provide your email id for downloading them.

It's 100% free for you.